Singapore Attractions


One of the things that magnetizes tourists to Singapore is the beauty of its natural attractions. The country is also filled with commercial and business establishments that mesmerize travelers. Tourists from all over the world visit Singapore year in and year out. This only proves that Singapore is continually improving on its tourism and shows to the world the beauty it has to offer. If you are to drop by Singapore, here are some tourist attractions the Singapore Tourist Guide advises that you should definitely check out.


Sentosa Island

If you are dreaming of the perfect vacation getaway, the Island of Sentosa would definitely make your fantasies come true. It is an Island resort with all the comfort you need. If you want to relax and forget about the city’s worries you can head to Sentosa to unwind. You can use the resort’s recreational facilities, golf and sport areas. The Sentosa Island is the most visited zone of the city, as it has numerous parks, museums, beaches, restaurants, facilities for sport practicing, and other tourist attractions. If you want to spend some more time here, you can easily find camping areas, bungalows but also luxury hotels.


Night Safari

This is one attraction that is very unique. The Night Safari features nocturnal animals of all kinds. Most of these animals are from other parts of the world. It is a 40-hectare land and home to about 1,000 animals of almost 100 species. It only opens at night and you can experience first hand the attractions of the rainforest of Malaysia, the Jungle of India, and the amazing African Sahara.


Tang Dynasty City

If you are a history buff, you can drop by a number of historical museums in Singapore. You can also drop by the Tang Dynasty City where you can literally walk through Singapore’s history and culture. It is actually a theme park where you can find old stone walls with historical remarks. You can also find a number of dining areas, temples, shop, court houses and geisha houses.


Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Natural lovers would find peace and serenity in the Chinese and Japanese Gardens of Singapore located at Yuan Ching Road. Beside this tourist spot, you can also find the Jurong Bird Park. You can find classic Imperial style of gardens and feel the cool breeze of the Juron Lake. Here, you can visit the Garden of Romance, the Herb Garden or walk by the Double Beauty Bridge.


Temple of 1000 Lights

If you are intrigued with the religious background of Singapore, you can visit the country’s local temples. Specifically, you can visit the Temple of 1000 lights which has been an attraction in itself. It also referred to as the Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya and can be found near the Race Course.



It is the cultural center of the city, and the past speaks to the tourists trough the old temples with terraces and impressive ornaments. The voice of the past can be heard even if the modern economic activity tries to cover it, and the hundreds of shops from this part of the city can be found in a mixture with the exclusive restaurants and the expensive malls. In fact, it is maybe the only place in the world where the poorest and the wealthiest citizens of a country are living in the same place.