Singapore Restaurants


Singaporeans love to eat foods of different kinds. Join in the fun and let your taste buds do the testing. To know which restaurants are popular for their great service and good food quality, check out the list below that is especially prepared by Singapore Tourist Guide. Satisfy your hunger and your appetite at these Singapore’s finest dining centers.


Halia Eatery

Halia Eatery is popular for their continental meals and their fusion with Singapore’s local delicacies. They have the best chefs in town – a guarantee that your meal is going to be a very sumptuous one. Halia Eatery is also big on ambience. They design the place like a huge botanical garden that is also fully loaded with all the right features, just to make sure that their customers can relax and feel comfortable during their stay.


Doc Cheng’s Restaurant

Doc Cheng’s Restaurant is famous for their meals containing herbal medicines. Here, you won’t only be eating luxuriously – you are also sure that you are eating healthily. Don’t worry about the taste of the food they serve. There’s not going to be any indication that herbal medicines were added to it. With the right combination of spices, you’ll never think that there’s anything else in it at all.


Harbour Grill and Oyster Bar

At the Harbour Grill and Oyster Bar, you can enjoy real American food. Choose from their daily specials like grilled sea food and U.S. prime ribs. The bar is also something worth checking out. The selling point of Harbour Grill and Oyster Bar is the natural freshness of the food they serve and the secret recipes they use to prepare them.


Raffles Grill

Raffles Grill is the perfect French restaurant for you. But then again, it has a unique touch of Singapore delicacies added to their meals. And more than the good food, you’ll certainly love the place for its ambiance, historic significance, and architectural charm.



As the day draws to an end, Tandoor is the perfect place to be. With live music bands performing while you enjoy your food, you will surely come back for more night life and fun. The high society loves this place. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t too. Try their different menus and cooking style to satisfy your curious taste buds.


Le Pont de Vie

It's a fine dining restaurant, serving authentic modern European/French meals located in a beautiful shophouse near the Arab street at 26 Kandahar St.



Da Valentino

The most authentic Italian restaurant in Singapore, headed by Executive Chef Valentino and assisted by his mother, Alma, in the kitchen and father, Gianpiero, and brother-in-law, Alberto, at the dining area, this Ristorante takes pride in serving authentic Italian cuisine in the most Italian way. Located outside of the city center at 11 Jalan Bingka.