Singapore Tourism


Singapore is the smallest country from the South-East Asia, with a surface of 630 square kilometers and with a population of 2 million inhabitants. The capital and the only city is Singapore, and the official languages are malaise, mandarin, tamil and English. It is a heavily industrialized city, but tourism is also an important branch of the economy.


The city was destroyed during the 11th century, being rebuilt in the 13th century. However, it was an unimportant city until the 18th century. Sir Stamford Raffles decided to fund a new city there, and the river where he decided to build the first home has his name from that time to today. The river Raffles continues to be the most important part of the city. You will find the main business area and the entertainment area along the river. The most important tourist attractions in singapore are situated in three districts: Orchard Rd, Chinatown, and Little India.


On the first sight, Singapore looks at the same time shocking because of the modernity, but also discrete and anonymous. Although the influences of the Chinese and English dominations are strong, Singapore is clearly an Asian city, where old Malaysian and Indian traditions are kept alive, from Feng Shui to the religion of the ancestors. On the crowded streets of Chinatown, you will find the psychics, the worshipers of the temples, and the occult followers of the ancient gods. In Little India, you could buy the best Indian materials called sari, rare spices, and paintings with Hindu gods. In the small stores of Arab St, you will hear the strong voice of the imam in the Sultan’s Mosque.


Arab St

The center of the Muslim population, it is the district of the traditional books, of Indonesian scarves, sarongs, songkoks, hajj and silks. You will also find roses essences, and floral essences that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The biggest and most visited mosque in Singapore can be found here, the Sultan’s Mosque, but also a small and coquette mosque called the Malabar Muslim Jama-ath. The Indian Restaurants can be found on North Bridge Street and Bussorah, offering a real gastronomical spectacle during the Ramadan.


The colonial city

Sir Stamford Raffles left a print in the center of the city, a print that can’t be erased by the Chinese dominating population or the industry. Raffles moved the business district at the south of the river, transforming the northern side in the administrative center. This way, an efficient structure that is used even today was created. One of the main tourist destinations here is the Empress Palace Building, an imposing location built in 1865 that hosts a museum now. It also has art galleries, an antique store, and also a chic restaurant. The Raffles Hotel has become a true symbol of the Oriental luxury. In the same area, you can find imposing churches, like St Andrew Cathedral and The Cathedral of Good Shepherd.



Jurong is the industrial center of the city, but the tourists can also find interesting places to visit here: parks, but mostly the Haw Par Villa, a great themed park that gives life to the Chinese mythology.


Singapore it the perfect destination for the European and American tourists that want something new. It is the perfect place to relax, but it is also great for those people looking for some fun. Singapore is one of the most important Asian destinations for singers and artists from around the world, and the nightlife is absolutely incredible.