Singapore Travel


Getting to Singapore is as easy as 1-2-3. Just let the Singapore Tourist Guide lay down your options so you can get to this beautiful country in the fastest, most comfortable way possible. Arrive to Singapore in style and luxury. Or board the one that perfectly fits your budget.


By Air

Singapore is referred to as the aviation hub of Southeast Asia. In fact, it is one of the stopovers of tourists traveling to Europe or Australia. Singapore’s main airport is the Singapore Changi Airport. It has more than eighty-one airlines flying in and out, connecting the country to more than 185 key cities of over 58 countries. The level of service and comfort provided by Singapore Airport Authorities are a par with the world’s best, enough for them to be rated as one of the finest international airports in the whole world. Singapore’s national carrier is Singapore Airlines.


By Sea

International tourists may also opt to arrive through the Port of Singapore, which like the airport is a major transportation hub. The Port of Singapore is one of the busiest ports of the world. More than cruise passengers, the port mainly handles equipments of over one billion gross tons.


By Train

Travel through train is purely domestic. Singapore has a heavy rail passenger train called Mass Rapid Transit, a metro rail system that has been in operation since 1987. There’s also one Light Rail Transit system that makes the key points and residents of the country very much accessible. Smartcards are used on these trains.


By Bus

Traveling by land is also possible through the public utility buses in operation in and around the country. Singapore’s Nation’s Bus Service has the all the major public roads covered. For places that the buses can’t reach, you can use the many licensed taxi companies situated in every city.


Tips & Tricks

The majority of tourists prefer to go to Singapore by Plane. One ticket from Europe costs about 850 Euros for economy class, but you will also need to pay the Airport fees of 130 Euros. From the United States, you will need to pay about 1200 dollars for the trip, and you must also prepare 200 dollars as an Airport tax.



The majority of European and American credit cards are accepted on a large scale by hotels, restaurants, and lounges.


Water: bottled water is preferred, although it is expensive.

Currency: the official currency is the Singaporean Dollar.

Tipping: the majority of hotels and restaurants add 10 % as tipping on the bills. However, you are entitled to refuse paying it if you are not happy about the services. The taxi drivers are not used with tipping. A small reward will be expected by doormen and room maids.