Singapore Weather


There is no distinct season in Singapore as it is very likely to have a sunny weather one day and then a downpour on the next. Here in the Singapore Tourist Guide we will let you know what to expect on your visit.


The later months of November and December are a bit wet, while June and July are usually the drier months.


Even with this dry, wet, and even wetter pattern, there is still a degree of predictability in the Singapore weather, as researched by the Singapore Travel Guide. The rain tends to start mid or late in the afternoon from October to December. This kind of weather may get most tourists irritated, while some just simply try to understand the changes in the climate which is getting very common.


When traveling to Singapore, choose the summer months when the sun is up most of the day, although rains may still occur from time to time. The changes in the Singaporean weather are attributed to global warming. However, even that shouldn’t discourage tourists to come by and just have fun in the country.


When it comes to the Singaporean weather, tourists are forewarned that anything may happen in any given day. Weather is an ever-changing phenomenon. The only absolute is the amount of fun you can have while on vacation. According to statistics, August is the busiest month for tourism in Singapore.


The climate is Equatorial, generally wet and warm, with temperatures between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius the monsoon season lasts from November to march, with the most humid month being December.


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